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4 steps to do before house hunting in San Diego

While the thought of perusing San Diego neighborhoods for your next home-sweet-home sounds fun and exciting, there are several important steps to accomplish before the house hunting can begin. These guidelines are in place to help you save time, know what you’re looking for in a home, and avoid major disappointment if you happen to find the perfect place, but aren’t equipped with the right financing approvals to make an official offer.

1. Define Your Purpose

  • You’re done throwing away thousands in rent every month and ready to build home equity

  • Your life has settled into a certain San Diego area, so you’re ready to call it home

  • Your family is growing or shrinking, so you need to upsize or downsize

  • You’ve landed a new job or military reassignment in San Diego, so you need to relocate

  • You’re ready to purchase an investment property to rent out for extra income

  • You’re interested in a San Diego or Temecula Wine Country vacation home

  • Any other reason!

2. Create Your Home Wish List

To know exactly what type of home will best suit your family's needs, start by brainstorming a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves and deal breakers. Location, lot size, number of bedrooms, school districts, RV parking, swimming pool and so many other factors help narrow down the home search. Remember, your initial vision of the perfect home may not exist, but your REALTOR will work to get you the best house that meets your most important needs.

3. Contact Michael Biondo

Now that you’ve defined your purpose and took time to think about your home wish list, call Michael at 619-993-9559 or get in touch through our quick contact form. From there, he’ll listen to your needs and set up a time to meet with you in person.

4. Get Your Loan Pre-Qualification

Michael will partner with you and one of his trusted mortgage consultants to walk you through the financial side of buying a home and get you pre-qualified for the best-fit loan.

Once these four steps are complete, the home search can begin!

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