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Biondo Homes recap: hot summer sales with the coolest clients

Can you believe fall is officially here and the holidays are right around the corner? Business has been so hot (literally and figuratively) over the summer months that I'm hoping to recap all of my recent San Diego home listings and closed purchases in a single blog post. Every seller and buyer has a story, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to help them through the real estate process and on to their next big chapter. Here are just a few of their stories:

Condo Needed for Teenage Boys and Baby Girl On The Way

I kicked off early summer with a great family that needed to quickly find their first home in El Cajon due to an impending deadline: they were expecting their first daughter in fall, plus had two growing boys that needed their own space! We had been looking for a while, and either found homes they loved, but were just above the price they wanted to spend, or homes that were at a price they were comfortable with, but weren't exactly what they were looking for. And then, we saw their future home the same day it hit the market. It was perfect for them and they immediately fell in love, so we jumped on it. I helped my clients quickly submit an offer that got accepted, and we entered into escrow before you could blink an eye. Congratulations to Jake, Sarah and family on their beautiful first home!

Home Sale Funds Needed to Invest In Growing Business

Andrew was one of my former bank clients who needed to list and sell his South Oceanside townhome in order to expand his business. While he loved his home and found it difficult to part ways, I put my REALTOR hat on and helped him through the process so he could move on to bigger and better opportunities. Now, he has the investment funds he needs and I can't wait to see the grand opening of his latest venture!

Townhome Renters Upgrade to Buyers in their Same Complex

I met Richard and Melissa at an open house near my own neighborhood, and we hit it off! They were looking to purchase their first home together in the Escondido area. They were fans of the current complex where they rented, and during our home search, two townhomes in the complex became available. After several phone calls and some sweet talking to the listing side, we were able to act very quickly and get an accepted offer on their dream home before it even hit the market! While the initial transaction started off too good to be true, there were many obstacles that followed. With patience and trust in me as their REALTOR, I was able to navigate them through escrow and finally get the keys to their first home. I'm super happy for this wonderful couple and am also excited to officially gain them as neighbors.

Long-Time Oceanside Residents Relocate to Texas

Carrie went to college in LA with my wife, but she was born and raised in San Diego. Her father, Dan, had purchased their charming Oceanside home back in the 80s when it was brand new to the development. This home was well taken care of and really had a positive energy to it, much like the family that lived there for over 30 years. About a year ago, Carrie and her parents relocated to Texas to be close to other family members, but they couldn't quite part with their San Diego home yet, so they decided to rent it out to be sure the move was a good decision. This summer, they decided it was time to call Texas their official new home, and I was honored they chose me to represent them through the listing process. In the end, the transaction was smooth and the home went to a great young family who will enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks again to Dan, Carrie and family for being some of the greatest people I have ever worked with. I wish you many years of happiness in Texas and hope you visit San Diego often.

Family Friend Leaves LA to Return Home to San Diego

In helping another client purchase her first home, we were up against all odds. We had been looking for several months, and either couldn't find the right place for her, or when we did, she was out bid by other buyers mainly (cash). We had one last weekend to look before she had to cancel the search and find a place to rent -- something we wanted to avoid! On that last weekend, we found the perfect home for her. It had all the features she wanted, including a killer view. And the best part was, it wasn't even on the market yet, so we were able to submit a strong offer without competing against other buyers.

Professional Woman Invests in Home for Temporary Living

Another interesting experience this summer has been negotiating through the escrow of a mobile home. My client Janet was ready to stop renting and purchase a place of her own. She wanted a smaller, more affordable place to purchase and live in for the next few years until retirement, and then possibly sell and relocate after. We looked at a few different townhome/twinhome and manufactured home options, and nothing quite fit the bill. She wanted to open the search up to mobile homes -- and the one we found was simply amazing! Once inside, you would not believe that it wasn't a traditional detached home. With over 1800 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office, walk in closets, a laundry room and enough room for a killer party, this home was perfect for my client. She loved it, so we immediately put an offer in and it was accepted!

Grandparents with Heartwarming Story Return to Ramona

Bob and Cyndi are selflessly raising Cyndi's 11-year-old grandson. It's such an amazing act that deserves an amazing outcome. Their family wanted to move back to Ramona, so they contacted me to assist them throughout the process. Once their ideal home was found, we quickly put an offer in, and moved into escrow. This is by far one of my most favorite properties I have toured! Not only is it a beautiful adobe home with 2400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a huge bonus room, it also has a pool/spa and a detached pool house/guest house. This home sits on over an acre of land, with great west-facing views! Bob is looking forward to sitting in the spa with a margarita and watching the sunset!

I have been blessed with such great clients and whether they are looking to purchase their first home, or a retirement home, or sell their home to move on to bigger and better things, I am happy to help them out!

Interested in buying or selling a home in San Diego, or know someone who is?

Call or text Michael Biondo at 619-993-9559.

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