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New homeowner spotlight: Luke + Kari

Congratulations to my latest clients, Luke and Kari! They recently made the leap to becoming first-time San Diego homeowners. In the interview below, learn why they transitioned from renting to owning and other valuable information they discovered during the real estate transaction process.

Home Snapshot

Close of Escrow: June 2017

Home Type: 1950s classic 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

City: La Mesa

As a first-time homeowner, what made you serious about purchasing a home?

L&K: The need for a bigger space for a growing family and the expectation that interest rates will rise soon.

What attracted you to your new home and how did you know it was the right fit?

L&K: The pictures from the online listing, the size, the location, and the look.

What did you learn and do you have any advice to pass along to other first-time buyers?

L&K: We learned that qualifying for a home mortgage is not as difficult as you might think when you are young. We advise that first-time buyers should not be afraid to make an offer on a house you know you can financially manage, because your first house doesn’t have to be your dream home.

How was your experience working with Michael Biondo? ​​

L&K: Michael Biondo was an exceptional realtor. Literally everything we asked for he provided as soon as humanly possible and with professional advice. He actually helped us get our offer accepted because the homeowners said they chose us because they felt more eager to work with Mike than any of the other realtors. Mike is also extremely social and friendly, so he demonstrated excellent skills explaining all that we didn’t know and what we could expect during this process.

What DIY project or home improvement are you most excited to tackle in your new place?

L&K: Refinishing the original hardwood floors. We also plan to knock out a large portion of a wall to create an open flow from our formal living room to kitchen space.

If you’re interested in real estate advice or viewing open houses in San Diego County, email or call Michael Biondo at 619-993-9559 to get started.

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